In my previous post, which was on my business anniversary, I talked about 13 leadership lessons I've learned over 13 years. I've learned a lot more but I wanted to highlight those 13.

On the same day I did a video on my business YouTube channel giving 13 business lessons that I've learned in the same time period. I'm sharing that particular video below:

Although I want people to go watch the video, where I went in more depth on the 13 lessons, I thought I'd share those lessons here as a list so that, if you go there, you'll know what I'm going to address, and if you need to you can skip to find where each lesson begins, in case you only want to hear one that you think might apply to you.

Here are the 13 business tips:

1. Don't let your work define who you are
2. Don't take yourself too seriously
3. Sometimes you have to let the money go to stand for a principle
4. Everyone is a potential business connection, but don't overthink it
5. Find people you can talk to on a business level, whether they're in your same field or not; never be afraid to ask for help
6. Always give your best effort; once the word gets out that you don't, you can never overcome the stigma
7. Always make sure to charge enough to get the client to think about hiring you and enough that you can live on
8. Customers aren't always right but work hard to treat them fairly, even when they've lost their minds
9. Sometimes doing something for free will earn you more money in the long run
10. Don't always be selling; sometimes you have to be a regular person
11. Never miss the opportunity to let people know what you do; just don't be pushy about it
12. Be flexible in what you have to offer; you might have to make money in ways that deviate from your main business
13. Take care of yourself first; no one else will if you don't try


I think those are some pretty good business lessons, also somewhat motivational. I did 30 days in a row of videos in June, and if you're predisposed to do so you can take a look at the list of videos after you've watched the first one to see if any of them might tickle your fancy. Of course there are always more lessons on leadership and associated topics, and this blog always has a lot of those, so there's plenty for everybody.

I want to put this out there, in case there are new readers who may not have seen this from me before. I'm always available to answer questions on this blog, and if some of those questions are intriguing or something I'm asked often I'd probably turn them into a blog post. After all, if one person has an issue then many others probably have the same issue. To contact me, look at the link to the left that says About and you'll find my email address; it's that simple.

There you go. Read this, watch the video, leave a comment here and on the video, like the video, then look at my About page and send me a question. Enjoy!