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I write a lot of articles about the revenue cycle in hospitals. In some of them, it looks like I’m picking on chief financial officers. True, I’m the guy who wrote an article telling CFO’s that I don’t want their job. I also wrote an article discussing why hospital CFO’s don’t hire consultants like me more often. I’m also the guy who wrote a short article specifically for them with 10 tips to help them with their revenue numbers.

Stories; I have stories to tell. I’ll tell them quickly, short and to the point, so I can get on with what I really want to talk about.
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Last night the team I follow in professional basketball got crushed by a team they should have been able to compete with. It wasn’t close to being challenging, and the shocking part is this team has the greatest basketball player of today’s age on it.

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In my opinion, other than the #1 player, the players quit on the team. They were too distracted by outside noise to concentrate and give it their all. It’s hard to blame them, because most of the rest of the players names have been in the news as trade bait towards getting another superior player who’s presently a member of another team.
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As I’ve gotten older, sometimes I find myself not being able to remember things as well as I could when I was younger. It manifests itself in many ways. Someone will ask me the name of someone else I know and my mind freezes. I’ll forget the name of an artist whose music I’ve listened to for years when a song comes on and I can’t remember the lyrics.

Most of the time I remember things pretty quickly because I’ve worked hard on setting up proper thought processes to help me get through these things. It’s something I never did when I was younger and had a better memory, and yet it often helps me find and figure things out better than I could when I was younger. But that only works with consistent processes; not when something comes at me out of the blue.
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Are we as Americans getting ruder?

I wondered about this one evening when another consultant and I were on an elevator. It stopped on the next floor, and a woman got on who was speaking on a cell phone. My friend and I were talking, and she started speaking louder because, obviously, we were ruining her ability to carry on a conversation with someone who wasn’t there. When she got off on the next floor, she turned around to look at us as though we had slapped her child; I found that incredible.

Are the people who report to you ruining your business? Can those same people ruin the reputation that you, or others before you, have worked hard to establish?
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Every day people wake up, get themselves cleaned up (most of them), head out the door and go to work. This is a universal thing; it’s not something that only happens in the U.S., it occurs in every country in the world. Even the poorest of countries have folks who go through this same process on a daily basis.

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Folks get to work, get themselves prepared for their day, sit at their desks or in their vehicles or whatever it is they do when they get there. No matter the level of the position, this is a common, every day thing.
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