I’m always saying there are a lot of bad leaders in the world, and almost every day I have it proven to me. Yet, I think that being in leadership is a great thing, and wish more people were ready to embrace it and use it to their advantage and for the benefit of others. Why? I have 5 reasons, and here they are:

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1. You’re in the know more often than not.

Sometimes you’re in the know because you’re at a level where you might have to help make some decisions. Maybe you’re in the know because you’re the one putting things into action. In any case, it’s rare that you’re shocked or surprised by anything someone else comes up with.
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How interesting that I’ve never really talked about what leadership is directly on this blog; I don’t think I even really addressed it in my book. I mentioned it in one of my seminar series and yet I’m not sure I defined it all that much.

Before I go on, let me mention that this is a repurposed article, originally written in 2015. That’s why there’s a comment from back then; not only was it a good comment, but he followed up on my response and thus deserves to be here.

7 Habits

Moving on, even though I’ve given seminars on the topic and, until recently, created a bunch of videos on the topic, I’d never actually defined it in my own words until I originally wrote this. Since I feel it deserves new life, here’s my answer to the question:
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Being a leader can make you feel like you’re in a lonely place, especially if you’re in a middle management position where you have to deal with people who report to you and people you report to. Why do leaders get paid the big bucks? Because the pressure is greater and the decisions are bigger. It’s not only dependent on their talent; it’s dependent on the talent of others, and if not properly used results can be disastrous.

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With that being said, leadership shouldn’t be seen as something to run away from. True, there are some people who seem like they’re born to be leaders, or natural leaders if you prefer. But there are many leaders who have picked up some things here and there from mentors or coaches or just paying attention to other leaders, and turned themselves into great leaders. There are also those who have learned each of the five thoughts below, which helps one console themselves when things aren’t going that smoothly.
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“Brother, who did that to your head?”

That was a question I was asked back in the early 1990’s when I was working at a FQHC on contract locally. I was in a position at the time where I worked multiple projects. On this particular day I was working directly with patients, and it wasn’t such a bad gig. You never knew who or what you were going to encounter, and I hadn’t expected this question.

used to short haircuts now

I should have though. As my income had dwindled a bit I had decided that I could probably cut my own hair. After all, how hard could it be? Clippers were selling all over the place and they didn’t cost all that much. Commercials on TV showed people able to cut their hair, so why couldn’t I do it?
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I love the Janet Evanovich series of books with the main character named Stephanie Plum. She’s a bounty hunter, though not a good one. She has these series of misadventures as she goes along trying to catch whomever she’s been designated to bring in, and many of the misadventures are indirect results of something she’s done… or not done. One of her constant lines is this one, or something similar: “It’s not my fault.”

United Nations Climate Change Conference - COP15 - Copenhagen, Denmark
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Personal responsibility is one of the most important things any of us can learn, or needs to learn. Whereas each of us has, or gets into, situations where it’s truly not our fault, every so often we have to look at our life patterns to determine whether we were either at fault, or should have known better than to allow ourselves to get into a particular situation.
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