This is part four of my series on Understanding the 21st Century Workforce, which was followed by the first and second part of Do’s and Dont’s. Let’s jump right in on the third and final part of Do’s and Dont’s; I’ll try not to make it overly long. Do offer challenges and education for your […]

We’re coming upon the end of the Harry Potter saga, at least in the movies. The saga actually ended in 2007 with the final book, but the movies take a little while to get through. The importance of this series of books will be debated by many people who really have too much time on […]

Like most people I have a toaster of some kind. Mine is a toaster oven; I think we have a real toaster as well, but if so I haven’t seen it in years. via Compfight Whenever I want toast, I put it on a certain setting so that it’ll end up being just the […]