There are two movies that I can watch over and over. They are Armageddon and Independence Day. I don’t care what critics might think of each of these; they’re two of my favorites. Each one is a science fiction movie where the overall theme is that a central or main character has to take on […]

We’re coming upon the end of the Harry Potter saga, at least in the movies. The saga actually ended in 2007 with the final book, but the movies take a little while to get through. The importance of this series of books will be debated by many people who really have too much time on […]

I belong to a few professional organizations. Some I’m a member of the board or a committee, others I’m just a regular member. Some I pay for, some I’ve been asked to join. Even as a regular member, when I feel something needs to be said, I’m someone who says it, no matter where the […]