Can I share some things with you without you thinking they’re bragging? Until I was almost 28 years of age, I remembered every single phone number I’d never heard in my life. I’ve been a speed reader since 8th grade, and I used to have a memory retention rate of 83%. I used to be […]

What about 4 minutes and 11 seconds? We’ll get back to that in a couple more minutes, if I can borrow your time for some moments. I know a lot of people in leadership positions who are always busy. They’re so busy that if you ask them if they can spare 5 minutes of their […]

We’re coming upon the end of the Harry Potter saga, at least in the movies. The saga actually ended in 2007 with the final book, but the movies take a little while to get through. The importance of this series of books will be debated by many people who really have too much time on […]