Today is Christmas Eve and, hopefully, more people will be nice to each other because of what tomorrow is supposed to represent. Yet, even for those who celebrate a holiday that’s supposed to bring “peace on earth, goodwill to men”, we see that language and agendas take away from that concept. Timothy Valentine via Compfight […]

Below is a video on the above topic, but I wanted to talk about the genesis of the topic. What happened is that someone on Facebook put up a video with the disclaimer that she wanted to see what people thought about it. I knew what was coming but decided to watch it with my […]

Last week, leading up to September 11th, there was a lot of conversation going on about this preacher in Florida who had announced that he was going to be having a Koran burning (they keep changing the spelling of the book so I’m going with this one for now). I found the whole conversation somewhat […]