Below is a video on the above topic, but I wanted to talk about the genesis of the topic.

What happened is that someone on Facebook put up a video with the disclaimer that she wanted to see what people thought about it. I knew what was coming but decided to watch it with my wife.

In the video this man named Pat Condell, a British commentator of some sort, was ranting about the riots that occurred in the Middle East over a video that almost none of us had ever heard of, let alone seen. Some points he made were accurate, but many others were over the top and bigoted. It was also hate speech; it was that because it was meant to incite, and that it did based on the comments and language people used after watching the video.

Of course, as soon as one person agreed with the video she then agreed with the video, which led me to call it and the man out as racist. They didn't like that and the debate ensued, until at one point the lady who put the video up asked to move the conversation off the page. I said I'd quit the conversation, but in social media if you put something up you need to expect that not everyone will agree with you, and that's what true freedom of speech is all about.

That's why I decided to create the video below. After all, I talk about leadership and diversity, and if this wasn't one of those times when something needed to be said then I don't know what is.