I believe all of us have it within ourselves to be extremely successful. Some people get there while others don’t. I can’t say that I’m successful yet, though I’ve had some very good times, enough to keep me a relatively happy guy. Flash Alexander from Pixabay What holds many of us back from being successful? […]

“Life is about success not perfection” – Alan Weiss A few years ago I wrote an article titled Is It Bad Reaching For Perfection where I talked about the reasons why going for perfection aren’t bad, but that it doesn’t take perfection for one to be successful. Leo Reynolds via Compfight Almost 6 years ago […]

I have a friend who recently lost her job after working at the company for over 30 years. She’s one of the smartest people I know, so while we were having lunch days after it happened I told her that she should look at it as an opportunity to maybe do something else, something big […]

Back in January I asked a question: Do Leaders Understand Their Influence? I asked that question because I’ve been talking a lot about this concept of influence in other places and, at least in my mind, influence and leadership go hand in hand. The strange thing about it all is that it seems many people […]

Three years ago, I wrote a blog post titled Who Defines Your Success?. At that time, someone I knew, who I’d run into at a store, was trying to define how I should consider my success, when he knew nothing about me and how well I was doing at the time. Invincible by Michael Jackson […]