Someone asked me recently why I’ve been on a rant lately in regards to independent consulting and small businesses. He wondered if it merged well with what the blog has been about for the past 7 years, which is talking about leadership, diversity, customer service, motivation, health care, et al. Business Consultant! My response was […]

Last week I met a guy I’ve known for a long time for lunch. I wanted to meet him because I’ve known him for a long time, and I know he’s struggled with his career. I had once mentioned an idea to him that I thought he could pull off well, based on the little […]

I don’t like getting into people’s love lives. Sometimes when you’re coaching someone, you’re led that way and you just can’t avoid it completely. I always hope that whenever I do have to get into it that I offer some advice that helps without getting into it too much. I remember one time I was […]

There has been a lot of talk going around ever since, while being interviewed at an event, the current CEO of Yahoo uttered some choice words at the reporter in her response. It’s been discussed and debated as to whether or not that was proper, with the split coming around 60% against her doing it. […]