I like to go to the local casino, even if it’s about 40 minutes away. My game is no-limit poker, but I’m not close to a card shark. I also don’t like to lose a lot of money if I’m not playing well, so I play the game that cost the least amount at the […]

There has been a lot of talk going around ever since, while being interviewed at an event, the current CEO of Yahoo uttered some choice words at the reporter in her response. It’s been discussed and debated as to whether or not that was proper, with the split coming around 60% against her doing it. […]

Last night, I was in the grocery store with my wife, when I walked away to get something in a different area of the store. After about a minute in this new section, I hear someone coming from around the corner, cursing up a storm. When she finally appeared within my view, I noticed she […]