My wife and I both do the dishes; not at the same time but we alternate here and there. Our goal and outcome is the same, but the way we get there is totally different. The first thing is that my wife uses washcloths to clean the dishes. I use a brush because I don’t […]

Every two weeks I sit down and sort out my mother’s pills into a pill case. I do the same thing for myself, but it’s a much different thing. I only have two prescription pills; everything else is a supplement. Mom has 6 prescription pills, some two a day, some only morning, some only evening. […]

As an independent consultant, I usually have two “speeds” I get to work with as it pertains to doing business in general; slow and fast. Moving slow means I’m working on a contract or with a client, which usually means I don’t get to market because I’m not always sure how long a project might […]

When I do my charge master reviews for hospitals, one of the areas that’s always of particular interest is supplies. Hospitals can literally have more than 5,000 supply items on their charge master; that’s hard for anyone to keep up with. Having items in their inventory control is one thing; having that many charges that […]