Last week I gave a workshop on social media marketing to a very small group. It was interesting for many reasons, but one thing in particular kept coming up that was driving me nuts. One of the participants knew me, fairly well I guess, but obviously not well enough. Both before and during the presentation, […]

Two months ago I posted a survey here and asked you to complete the survey and receive some free tips. For those of you who didn’t see it, the survey was about training and how people would like to receive training, and many other questions concerning it. Along with my friend Renee Scherer of Presentations […]

I gave a presentation on Wednesday to a group in one of my primary fields of business, healthcare finance, more specifically, the relationship between CPT-4 codes and revenue codes.  It was a fairly short presentation, about an hour, but it was well received. I got home later in the afternoon, and while catching up on […]

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