Two months ago I posted a survey here and asked you to complete the survey and receive some free tips.

For those of you who didn't see it, the survey was about training and how people would like to receive training, and many other questions concerning it. Along with my friend Renee Scherer of Presentations Plus, I did my first webinar earlier this year on social media, and created a product out of it. We plan on doing more, and each of us has certain talents that we give presentations on, as well as a couple of shared things.

For instance, Renee gives presentations on anything Microsoft Office related. She recently gave one to an organization on Microsoft Office tips, and I'll be giving one to that same group in either April or May on social media.

My topics are a bit more broad because I'm all over the place, as you know. I'm not going to start spouting them all here again, but if you want to just take a look at my one business website and then my other business website to see some of what I do.

It's funny that I haven't talked more about training in this blog, since that's a big part of what I do. I'm not as much into training at companies, although I do that also, as much as doing big training sessions for groups, or planning my own session and putting it on to see who shows up. That's not the best model just yet, but it's one I like because I get to control the venue and the advertising for a seminar, and if I don't have enough people to sign up for it with a few days of the event I just cancel and go about my business. If I pick the right place, I won't get charged for the cancellation; had to learn that one fast.

Anyway, something that doesn't happen all that often when someone does a big survey is that they don't share any of the results of the survey. That's not my style; thus, Renee and I are sharing the results of the survey with you, which I found very interesting overall. And, if you put your name and email in at the bottom to get on our mailing list, you'll receive two free little gifts for your trouble. Hey, it's the holiday season! The mailing list will be private and protected, and will only be used whenever we're doing a webinar or seminar of some type, and then to mention the product created from that process. Otherwise, you'll never hear from us; that's my guarantee.

By the way, I'm in a magazine article, Oswego County Magazine, and I even got my picture in it. If you're interested, I turned it into a pdf and you can download it. The story is called "Webinar Anyone"?

And remember, if your group or organization needs a speaker on any of the topics in the survey, and pays, reach out to me; will speak for pay! 😉