Some years ago I gave two presentations in the same week. On the Wednesday I presented to my medical billing group, more specifically about the relationship between CPT-4 codes and revenue codes. It was a fairly short presentation, about an hour, but it was well received. I can hold babies! It was also planned. I […]

My wife and I have an issue outside of our house. Our mailbox keeps getting taken out by errant drivers who can’t figure out how to negotiate this turn on our street when the roads are wet or a little icy. They end up going to fast, missing the turn, and ending up in our […]

A couple of weeks ago I came home from giving a presentation, only to learn that the speaker for another organization whose board I’m on had to cancel because of a family emergency. I was the one who’d gotten the speaker, so I said I’d step up and give a presentation on web optimization. They […]