Some years ago I gave two presentations in the same week. On the Wednesday I presented to my medical billing group, more specifically about the relationship between CPT-4 codes and revenue codes. It was a fairly short presentation, about an hour, but it was well received. I can hold babies! It was also planned. I […]

As a full disclaimer, I was asked to review the book Bring Your Superpowers To Work by Darcy Eikenberg and sent a copy of it, just so you know. Of course me being me this review is honest in its assessment, and yes, I have linked to the book if you’re interested in purchasing it […]

I was having an interesting conversation with someone a few days ago. We were talking about an issue he was having that, from my perspective, seemed to only have one real answer. Me being me, however, I threw out 3 possible scenarios of things that could be done, thinking that one of them was so […]