Some years ago I had to “pull rank” on someone who was working in a physician’s billing office. Someone kept calling my mother and telling her that she had to contact an insurance carrier on the physician’s behalf because the insurance carrier was incorrectly paying on my mother’s account. The major problem was that Mom […]

I’ve been on a 2-week quest to try to find a new doctor for my mother. I’ll have to write a post about physicians and how they should be treating patients another time. It’s because I felt my mother wasn’t being treated properly by her physician that I went on this quest. You know what? […]

When President Obama was running for the office of president, one of the things he kept talking about was the need for electronic medical records (EMR). When he was trying to push the health care bill, one of the things he kept talking about was electronic medical records. Obviously he wanted this to occur, and […]