CNN once did a news story on people who have been scammed by fake insurance plans. In these cases, people who were in dire health straits would look on the internet, find someone purporting to cover a certain area of the country, most probably the area where the people lived, signed up, started paying premiums, […]

At some point your life you’ll have to deal with a hospital bill. If you’re lucky it’ll be for an outpatient service like lab work or an x-ray instead of needing surgery or being an inpatient. steinchen via Pixabay Hopefully you’ll have insurance to take care of the bulk of the bill, no matter what […]

I’ve been on a 2-week quest to try to find a new doctor for my mother. I’ll have to write a post about physicians and how they should be treating patients another time. It’s because I felt my mother wasn’t being treated properly by her physician that I went on this quest. You know what? […]

Last week I had an interesting conversation with another consultant that specializes in charge master consulting, one that helped lead to this post. We were talking about some of the problems he’d been experiencing over a number of years as it pertained to both his business and his health. Not that he didn’t make very […]