One of the questions new consultants always have concerns how to price their services. If you can imagine how hard that is to do for consultants, then you can imagine how hard it is for someone to hire us when they don’t have a clue what services we can provide might cost. Recently, a consultant […]

When last we left we were talking about the problems that crop up when two parties don’t negotiate in good faith. Although sometimes I think some people do that on purpose because they enjoy the conflict, overall I tend to believe that most parties would rather find ways to talk to each other and get […]

There’s an interesting uprising going on in Wisconsin these days. The state is having money problems, like every other state, and the governor of the state is ready to take some moves that may or may not be legal. Of course the people against it aren’t happy and there are daily protests occurring, sometimes a […]

I came upon an epiphany this morning that almost lifted me from my seat. This isn’t a political post, although I begin with a political premise to help me explain things. I was thinking about a post on leadership, and how President Obama has some very tough decisions to make over the next couple of […]