One of the things I felt I was great at as a director was figuring out what was best for the organization overall from my department. In other words, though I wanted accuracy, if I had to weigh perfection against bringing in consistently high dollars I went for the consistency. In my opinion, it was […]

Whether you’re an executive coach, a life coach, a mentor or someone with authority over others, at some point you’re going to be interacting with other people, and some of these people are going to need your help in some fashion. Everyone I know has given advice of some kind in their life. Sometimes it’s […]

I was having a conversation with a friend the other day about an issue she was having. When she told me what she’d done, I went the other way with it. I said that she should have used silence, because sometimes it’s more powerful as a tool than anything else a person might think to […]

Whether you had any real knowledge of either person beforehand, by now almost everyone in America knows about the beating the singer Rihanna took at the hands of her then-boyfriend Chris Brown. You also know about the subsequent fallout; the almost collapse of his career, her going into hiding for awhile, his pleading guilty to […]

If there’s anything that can start to get me upset, it’s constantly being interrupted when I’m talking. I don’t mean when someone is looking to clarify something I said, necessarily. I mean when you’re trying to say something, or ask a question, and the other person interrupts me to start answering a question I haven’t […]