Many years ago I went with a friend of mine to a Syracuse University football game. I haven’t been to a lot of football games over the years, which is why I seem to remember them better than I remember all the basketball games I’ve been to (except for the Pearl Washington shot). My friend […]

Have you ever noticed that when you get into certain types of discussions that part of those discussions break down to looking at definitive definitions of words that people are using in their arguments? I notice that often, many times because I’m one of those people doing that very thing. Erich Ferdinand via Compfight Sometimes […]

There are many facets to being a good leader. One of those facets is language, it’s use and what good leaders say. You’d think those two things would mean the same but they don’t. Alfonso via Compfight I’ll take the second point on first. In a video conference I did with some other people I […]

I’m one of those people who often changes how I say something depending on the crowd I’m in. I can be fairly casual with certain groups and highly proper with others. I also don’t tend to always speak with direct words. When I’m giving a presentation I do, but otherwise I tend to speak in […]