Back in December 2010 I wrote a post talking about my leadership series Keys To Leadership, which you see there on the left for purchase. The article talked about the live seminars and told a story about how I came to record them. KEYS TO LEADERSHIP Two years earlier I actually put the 15 total […]

I have no shame. 🙂 Today’s post is kind of a retread of a post I wrote back in 2013 titled Keys To Leadership Points Redux, which was kind of a follow up to an original post I wrote in 2010 titled Keys To Leadership. The first post was about my seminar series, which is […]

If you look over to the left you’ll see I have an ad for Keys To Leadership, a series of live presentations I gave some years ago. On the first CD, I told the story of a friend of mine who went into business, was doing well, then had a major fail that should never […]

My Keys To Leadership CDs is something I’ve written about before on my other blog, so you can check that post out if you’d like. Of course, the back story is so much more fun. The day I did the first seminar, which led to the first CD, I was at a crossroads in the […]

First, the latest issue of the T. T. Mitchell Consulting Healthcare Newsletter, 2009 CPT Code Changes, is now available. At the risk of possibly offending some people, I’ve been wondering lately, as we get near the end of the Bush Administration, how most people would evaluate the leadership of our current lame duck president. To […]