If you saw my last post, which was my 1,200th on this blog, you saw me mention that the release of my latest book was coming today. Here it is; introducing Leadership Is/Isn’t Easy! Yes, that’s the new cover, designed by Heather McCoy of 315 Designs. I’m not great at design, so I went to […]

When I first went into business for myself, I only had plans on working in leadership and management consulting and training. I figured that I needed products, and you’ve seen some of the early products I created. I started thinking that I needed a product that could be seen as a legitimate training program. The […]

My Keys To Leadership CDs is something I’ve written about before on my other blog, so you can check that post out if you’d like. Of course, the back story is so much more fun. The day I did the first seminar, which led to the first CD, I was at a crossroads in the […]

I have just realized that, in my over 500 posts over the course of four years, I’ve never ever written specifically about the two main products that I’ve created, both of which are very near and dear to me. I hope you indulge me and allow me to talk about them now. The first one, […]