Back in December 2010 I wrote a post talking about my leadership series Keys To Leadership, which you see there on the left for purchase. The article talked about the live seminars and told a story about how I came to record them. KEYS TO LEADERSHIP Two years earlier I actually put the 15 total […]

I often say that not all managers are leaders. They’re supposed to be, but they’re not. They either don’t have the skills to do it properly or don’t care as long as they think they can get what they want. I say it that way because sometimes they do… but it’s never sustaining. It’s not […]

A few years ago I gave a presentation in Nebraska to a health care group that was based on my book Embrace the Lead. In a post a couple years ago, I wrote out all of the outline points from the book on this blog. When I gave the presentation though, I didn’t copy every […]

First, the latest issue of the T. T. Mitchell Consulting Healthcare Newsletter, 2009 CPT Code Changes, is now available. At the risk of possibly offending some people, I’ve been wondering lately, as we get near the end of the Bush Administration, how most people would evaluate the leadership of our current lame duck president. To […]