Here’s a major truth; all of us likes getting things for free, or for almost nothing. As long as it’s palatable, we’ll accept free food, free drinks, free notepads and pens, free software, even free clothes! If it’s not perfect or what we think it should be, we’ll complain about it if it’s not up […]

Last weekend, while sitting at a poker table, I was one seat away from an older gentleman who I’ve played poker with in the past. At some point the topic got around to health care, and this gentleman complained that he’d had an aneurysm, spend only one night in the hospital, and the bill came […]

Hospitals have two main problems when it comes to finances. One is revenue, as in they’re not generating enough, and the second is receivables, as in they’re not collecting enough on the revenue so they can pay bills and buy other stuff. Every hospital has a charge master. A charge master is a full listing […]

Last week I read a story that mentioned a study that came to this conclusion: Only 14% Of Medical Errors Reported By Hospitals. It’s an alarming story, one that undoubtedly is true, but it’s the kind of story that leads to hysteria instead of understanding. Overall, the question comes down to what constitutes an error. […]

When President Obama was running for the office of president, one of the things he kept talking about was the need for electronic medical records (EMR). When he was trying to push the health care bill, one of the things he kept talking about was electronic medical records. Obviously he wanted this to occur, and […]