Christmas Day for me was something a little different. Around 4:30 I had nothing to do, wasn’t interested in sitting home watching basketball, and there weren’t any football games on TV. In that vein I decided to head to the casino for a few hours of fun and relaxation. Gisela Giardino via Compfight I had […]

Last week I wrote a post titled It’s Okay NOT To Be A Leader. In that post, I mentioned that even if you decide not to be a leader, it doesn’t mean that you do everything the leader tells you to do just because you’ve decided to be a follower. This is a follow up […]

A few weeks ago I made a sales call of sorts; yes, I hate doing it, but I do call on occasion. I called a guy that I thought might have at least heard my name in the past since he was working at a hospital that was relatively close to one I’d worked at, […]

Everyone knows this common phrase: “There are two sides to every story”. I doubt that most of us would disagree with that statement. However, in thinking about it, just because it’s true doesn’t mean it’s fully accurate. For instance, there’s this horrible news story about this incident in Texas where an 11-year old girl was […]

Back in August I wrote a post asking people what their ethics were. It didn’t get a lot of attention, but that’s okay; sometimes getting people to actually think about their ethics is a tough sell, almost like talking about diversity. An interesting conversation and then blog post by someone else has come up talking […]

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