There are two movies that I can watch over and over. They are Armageddon and Independence Day. I don't care what critics might think of each of these; they're two of my favorites. Each one is a science fiction movie where the overall theme is that a central or main character has to take on a special act of courage in order to save the Earth from destruction by some sort of outside force.

The Likes of Whom The People Had Never Seen Before.  Beguiled and Deceived, The Masses Followed Him

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In each movie, the pivotal character is a father that has to make a very critical decision; do they keep their word to their family members, or do they do the brave and, ultimately, correct thing for both their family members and humanity. Of course each character does what they have to do, and the Earth is saved; one dies, one survives.

What makes each man similar is that they chose the correct path. What makes each man different is the circumstances that got them there. In one, he's the leader of his company, recruited by the government to save humanity. In the other, he's a drunk suffering the effects of war and his belief that he was kidnapped by aliens (which might have been true lol), pretty much a loser with a family he can barely take care of. But both did what they had to do to become heroes, though it wasn't the intention of either.

Leadership takes all forms, and sometimes comes unexpectedly. Everyone is capable of being a leader when the time comes; whether they actually do the heroic thing or not is something else.

I think back often to what happened in New York City on September 11th, 2001, where heroes were born, and unfortunately where some heroes died. Some of them were already leaders and managers; some of them were regular folks who felt a sense of duty and commitment to others. Even if we don't remember their names, we remember the acts, as do those who were saved by those acts.

Leaders as unexpected heroes come in many different forms. For instance, check out this story concerning 9/11/01 that most people don't know about:

BOATLIFT, An Untold Tale of 9/11 Resilience

Then there's this video I did concerning Starbucks and their CEO from earlier this year:

Leaders Have To Be Ready
To Take One For The Team

Every day someone has the opportunity to be a leader. There's nothing saying leaders have to wait for catastrophic circumstances to step forward. As a manager, as an employee, or as a person, you have the opportunity to be a leader every single day to the people who work for you, or with you, or who you may not even know. It's not always easy; but would you rather wait for life and death situations to have to discover whether you're up to it?

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