Over the last few weeks I’ve seen and heard some disturbing things. The latest was the tale of a young woman who got home from picking up a pizza she’d ordered, looked at the receipt and saw that one of the people at the place has written about her “lady chinky eyes”. What the heck […]

I belong to a few professional organizations. Some I’m a member of the board or a committee, others I’m just a regular member. Some I pay for, some I’ve been asked to join. Even as a regular member, when I feel something needs to be said, I’m someone who says it, no matter where the […]

I have lots of people in my life who view me differently, it seems. There’s the group that views me as a fun-loving, loves to laugh kind of guy. Then there’s the group that views me as sort of a stuffy, afraid to make fun of himself kind of guy. I’d have to say that […]

A few days ago, there was a news story stating that the United Kingdom had decided to list 26 people as undesirables and thus wouldn’t allow them into the country. It’s an interesting list, because not only are there terrorists on the list, which one could easily understand, but one of them is an American […]

When I look back through my blog, I realize that I have touched upon the subject of having to deal with the consequences of one’s actions many times. The first time was when I addressed the Jennifer Wilbanks story back in 2005 (she was the woman who disappeared a day before she was going to […]