Last week I decided to take a look through YouTube to see if there were any videos about hospital charge masters. Turns out the answer is pretty much no. I came across one video where a guy was ranting about how the prices on a charge master don't always match up with what someone actually pays, and I saw two videos of less than a minute talking about software, but that was it.

I do hospital charge master work, and a bulk of my marketing is on revenue integrity, which involves charge master, charge capture and denial management projects. I thought it was time to create some videos that talk about it all to not only try to overcome some of the incorrect assumptions about the whole thing but, truthfully, to help with marketing.

If you're not in health care you might not be interested in most of these videos, but the first one, which I've linked to, will give you an upper hand on something that, quite frankly, most people who work in hospitals have no clue about. Think about that one for a minute, then decide to know more about something than many medical professionals do.

And after you watch the video, if you'd like a bit more information on charge masters that I've shared here, check out some of these previous posts, some of which will have links to even more information that might intrigue you. And if you wouldn't mind, go ahead and share it with your favorite hospital chief financial officer or vice president of finance; it's my bet that many of them might enjoy knowing more about it all as well. 😉 First some links, then the video:

What Is A Charge Master?

Don't Blame Charge Masters

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