One of the best things about writing a blog for as long as I’ve been writing one is that I have lots of stories that I get to rehash, either because I’ve forgotten I’ve already talked about it or it’s in an old article that I know no one’s probably ever going to read unless […]

No one likes criticism; let’s get that out of the way. What we want is constructive advice on how to get better or how to solve problems. When it comes to me, the only time I want advice is when I ask for it. Over the years I’ve had to learn “how” to ask for […]

I don’t often find gems in older posts or articles but I came across an article that was written by someone I know and posted on Forbes. Her name is Adrienne Graham, and to prove that I know her, here’s the interview I did with her last year: Anyway, the article was titled […]

Some of you may know that I’ve been thinking about changing my business model. I figure that at my age it’s very important that I at least consider it, because the way I have earned the bulk of my income over the last 13 or so years has meant I’ve had to spend a lot […]

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