It's New Years Eve, the last day of the year, and this is the last post of the year and of 31 straight days of posts. It's possible that I've overwhelmed some people and that maybe I should apologize... nah!

Happy New Year!

When I mentioned in the first post of this December series that my intention was to write a month's worth of posts, I wondered if it would generate any real interest from anyone. After 31 days, I'm still not really sure how much interest all of the posts have generated. What I do know is that this is the most concerted writing effort I've ever done for this blog.

By comparison, on my I'm Just Sharing blog, I wrote just over 1,000 articles in 3 years. I knew I could write a lot, and I certainly had a lot of topics to cover. What I didn't mention in that first post was that every post for this period was written before the end of November. So, if anything dramatic has happened, it won't get addressed here until January. Then again, maybe it showed up video on my channel; hmmm... 🙂

As for 2015, it was an interesting year for me. I finished my second book on leadership titled Leadership Is/Isn't Easy. I celebrated my 14th year in business. I started posting article on LinkedIn, and I had a lot of people connect with me on Twitter. I also had my 1,200th post here this year; it only took me 10 years to get there. Oh yeah, I also celebrated my 10th year of blogging, which is via this blog. Not bad eh?

I have goals and visions for 2016. I want to work more, travel more, make more money. I'll hit post #1,300 sometimes around May or June I figure, and of course in June I'll also hit my 15th year in business. I want to sleep more, rest better, have more fun and buy a new car; not necessarily in that order. I want to work on my influence and friendships.

There are no specifics; I figure to use a big part of December thinking about my direction for 2016. At least new posts here have been taken care of. Actually, I wrote my last posts for all my blogs by the 20th so I could take 2 weeks off to rest, recharge, research and plan how I'm going to proceed in 2016. Hopefully this means that the first post on this blog in the new year will come with a real direction for myself and for you, the readers... the few of you actually reading that is. 🙂

I hope y'all come along with me; there's plenty for everybody. Meanwhile, I'd like to share my favorite posts of the year with you. Before I started looking, I told myself I wanted 15 posts. Then I said I wasn't going to put a limit on it; whatever it came out to be, that's what it came out to be. That means it came out to 15 posts; karma!

I wish everyone a wonderful 2016; now, my favorite posts of the year:

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