Goodness! When I wrote my last post and published it I took a look at all posts, realizing I had another post to write for Friday... and realized I was at 1,199, which makes this my 1,200th post on this blog; how about that!

Let Mitchell Handle It

I wrote post #1,100 back in August of 2013, which was 21 months ago. That it took me that long to get to my next 100 shows that I slowed down my pace, which was kind of disappointing but necessary because when I hit that milestone I was traveling back and forth to Memphis, and I continued that pace for another 14 months afterwards. I just couldn't keep up the pace of multiple posts a week. I'm back on that schedule now, but for how long?

This was a milestone period, that's for sure. In this period I hit my 13th years in business, which was last June, which means I have about a month before I hit my 14th year. I also hit my 3,500th blog posts on my blogs only, realizing I had probably 5,000 blog posts and articles overall online. I'm thinking those weren't bad at all.

During those 21 months, 3 articles I wrote some time ago still seem to be the most popular. For instance, 10 Reasons Harry Potter Is A Great Leader was written in 2011 but is my most popular post, 3 times more popular than the next one in line; I know it's probably because it's got "Harry Potter" in it but I'll take what I can get. The next one, 10 Motivational Points In 2 Minutes, was written in 2012, and I'm kind of glad it's still popular because many people like to tell me that posts about motivation aren't all that great. My third most visited post was also written in 2011, that being Why Managers Treat Employees Badly.

The only post written in the last 31 months that made the top 25 is the one above on the 13 leadership lessons; that's depressing. However, I think the reason some of my articles didn't rank well here is twofold. One, once I went down to one article a week things started to slip a bit. Two, strangely enough, more people are seeing my articles on LinkedIn, as I'd forgotten that years ago I had set that up. Since January I've been working on increasing my prominence there for business reasons and people are "liking" the content; hey, I'll take what I can get. 🙂

That's the look back. Looking ahead, as I already mentioned I'll hit another anniversary in June, and since I'm going to try to continue writing at least two posts a week I should hit my next milestone in April.

That will be preceded next week by my launching my latest book, which I've finally given a title. It's going to be called Leadership Is/Isn't Easy, and when I've written the sales copy for the launch I'll come back and link to it here. However, my hope is to launch it next Tuesday, which will coincide with the next post. I'm not only selling my book but throwing in a bunch of things to make it a big deal overall. Lots of stuff in it that I've created, some exclusive for the first month's buyers; I won't say more now but stay tuned.

I'm excited by that, my 14th anniversary, and all the potential things to come. I have high hopes; now I only have to go out there and achieve them! Meanwhile, as I always do whenever I hit a milestone, I'm sharing my favorite 10 posts of the period below. If you missed them please check them out... and leave comments! Until the next milestone:

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