This is something different for me... for this blog at least. For the 31 days of this month, I'm planning on having a blog post here. I've never done that with this blog; as a matter of fact, I think that only a few times in the almost 11 years I've been writing this blog I may have had 3 posts in a week only a few times.

Mitch Mitchell consultant writer

I indicate "this blog" because on my I'm Just Sharing blog I used to do that sort of thing regularly. In the first 3 years of that blog I had over 300 posts a year. It was fun but tiring, yet at the time it accomplished what I wanted it to accomplish.

That leads to what I'm hoping to accomplish here this time around. Well, I have a few things I'm hoping happens, and it's also kind of an experiment.

First, I'm hoping to increase my traffic. Writing once a week is fine, and helps my site with SEO, but it doesn't necessarily drive traffic to the site as much as writing more often.

Second, I have some series posts planned and it would be nice to be able to connect them per day instead of spreading it out over weeks.

Third, it allows me to plan some posts in advance so I can cover some of my core topics better. I write most of the time about leadership, which isn't a bad thing. Yet, I like to talk about diversity and inclusion, communications, health care and have the occasional motivational post. This will force me to write about a lot of things; after all, 31 posts in 31 days, without repeating oneself, is an interesting undertaking.

Fourth, I want to do it because I did it a couple of years ago with my video channel. In that case it was the month of June, so I only had to do 30 days. Anyway, many of those videos didn't get the eyes I felt they deserved, so this gives me a chance to write on topics and include some of those videos here.

Fifth, I want to see if I can do it, and I want people to see that I did it. It's kind of a bold and audacious type of thing that I don't know many people would even try. If this was just a normal writing challenge I think that would be easier. Staying on specific types of topics though... well, that should prove to be interesting.

Truthfully, by the time you read this I'll probably have already written at least half of the articles and have them ready to go. I didn't do that with the leadership videos, and only a few of them were recorded in advance, like the one where I highlighted my 13 years in business.

Sixth... publicity and marketing. Truth be told, when you're an independent consultant who's also trying to become enough of a personality so people will hire me to come speak to their organizations, you need more people to know who you are. The best way to do that is to help them either see or hear your name as often as possible, hopefully without being so visible that you become irritating.

Seventh... I have some other things I need to work on. After all, I not only have 4 other blogs but I've got this course I've wanted to work on for some time. I'm not saying what it's about, but I figure December is a good time to work on it. Since this is my main business blog, I figure that it's the most crucial one to get completed in advance at this time.

This post is out there in case someone notices on their own that there's been a post a day and wonders what's going on. I'll probably allude to it at least once at the end of the month. Also, I'm not going to make the claim that every single post will be epic. This isn't an exercise in my trying to write 30,000 to 50,000 words in a month. The idea is to offer value to the readers while giving some value to myself by the exercise.

Believe it or not, this is also a lesson in leadership. True leaders have goals that they try to reach, whether on their own or with the help of others. They make commitments and then work hard to make sure they act upon those commitments. The goal is to achieve whatever the task warranted, no matter what it takes. If most leaders promised something they couldn't deliver, who'd ever trust them?

Not a bad way to close out the year right? Let's see if I have the right stuff to get it done. I hope you, the readers, check out these posts, offer feedback, share them with others and learn something. I think we'll all learn something from the experience.