I have just realized that, in my over 500 posts over the course of four years, I've never ever written specifically about the two main products that I've created, both of which are very near and dear to me. I hope you indulge me and allow me to talk about them now.

book on leadership

The first one, at the top left of my blog now, is my first book, Embrace The Lead, which I completed in 2002. I started the book in July of 2001, then stopped writing for about 2 1/2 months after what happened on September 11, 2001 because I couldn't get my mind back into it. Then came the middle of November, when I learned that my dad had cancer, and I knew I wanted to finish the book so that he could at least have an opportunity to read a part of it. And he did end up making it through about 25% of the book before he couldn't go anymore, so I have always felt lucky that he knew I had finished it.

It's obviously on leadership principles, and I go through 34 points, rather than actual chapters, although I suppose one could call them chapters, on different ideas of leadership, first talking about theory and practicality, then talking about people, and closing with specific issues that leaders have to learn to deal with. The book can either be downloaded as an electronic file or one can request a print copy of it. It's been quite popular at speaking engagements.

The second, at the top right of my blog now, is my CD series called Keys To Leadership. I recorded these at two live seminars I gave in January of 2004. It wasn't the smartest thing I'd ever done, trying to do seminars in Syracuse, NY, in the dead of winter, but I at least got to do two of them. For awhile I sold them as CDs, and I still have a few CDs that I take with me to speaking engagements, but online I sell them as digital files, which means if you purchase them separate, or both at the same time, you get to download the files and listen to them immediately. Not a bad deal from where I'm sitting.

I do have other products, which you can check out by clicking here, but the two above are, for lack of a better term, the loves of my professional life. I hope you take a look at them, if only to see what I've been able to produce in my professional life that's not my blog.