Customer Service

I have met very few people that haven’t complained about customer service at Best Buy. To say it’s horrible would be mincing words. On a post I recently wrote on my other blog, most of the people that commented had stories to tell about their bad customer service experiences while there; it’s not pretty. I’m […]

A couple of night ago there was a guy who came to the house to inspect a window we’d had installed at the end of the year, supposedly just to make sure it was installed properly. I had some minor issues with how everything was turning out. They might have just been my issues; after […]

Believe it or not, this is actually a customer service post, but it took an interesting turn. Let me explain. On my other blog, I put out a post on a WordPress plugin that, unfortunately, didn’t work for me. I also stated that I couldn’t find any instructions on how to use it. For me, […]

Last week my wife did one of those moves that many people have done; she accidentally got her cell phone wet. Actually, that’s kind of a misnomer; she mixed it in with a bunch of clothes and washed it in the washing machine. She thought she lost it until she checked and found it there, […]

The Syracuse, NY area got an interesting lesson on the power of social media when a bad bit of customer service ended up becoming a tidal wave of negativity against a major grocery chain in the area. What happened is someone went to the store and saw something they didn’t feel was appropriate. Instead of […]