Customer Service

I write 5 blogs; I know, where do I find the time. One of those blogs covers things that happen in the Syracuse and central New York area, called Syracuse Wiki. On Christmas day I had a post go live talking about an experience my wife and I had at a local Ponderosa restaurant, the […]

There’s a restaurant I go to often that I’ve deemed is my place of choice. It’s called Pier 57, and it’s just about 5 minutes from my house. I do have other restaurants that I enjoy a lot, but this is pretty much my lunch restaurant. They have a lot of people working there as […]

Last week I wrote a post titled a When Racism Is Unhidden and I mentioned an incident that kind of happened to me. Well, I did decide to follow up on it and called the manager of that particular outlet, just to give him a heads up. I said that I didn’t believe it was […]

This weekend I went to a tweetup with some local folks just to get together and talk about the conference I just spoke at and to get together in person for awhile. It was a nice time, even if our group was smaller than normal. The next time anyone tells you that it’s easier to […]

Last week I was in Las Vegas at a health care finance convention. I actually had a good time for once, and I know it had more to do with my mental outlook than anything else. I’ve gone to this particular conference 10 of the last 12 years, and I just haven’t been feeling it […]