Angelique is one of my Twitter friends, and a very accomplished businesswoman. She’s hesitant about using her last name but it’s on her website so if you need to know what it is head over there. She offers marketing, writing and social media consulting to many businesses, as well as hosts workshops. 1. What is […]

A couple of days ago, I got a notice via email that someone new was following me on Twitter. That happens often, and many times I check and find that the person following me isn’t being very social at all. In this case, the person wasn’t all that social, but did talk to a few […]

I never go so far as to say that the customer is always right. I will go so far as saying that the customer is the customer. As you know, I have a few ads on this blog. I have more ads on other blogs and websites of mine. This is known as affiliate marketing; […]

I’ve been feeling a little old lately, and it’s not only because of the passing of Michael Jackson or the fact that, at some point this year, I’ll be turning 50. The latest thing seems to be this assault on what I consider as common courtesy, or at least how it used to be defined. […]