A couple of days ago, I got a notice via email that someone new was following me on Twitter. That happens often, and many times I check and find that the person following me isn't being very social at all.

In this case, the person wasn't all that social, but did talk to a few people. However, what I saw in a couple of messages bothered me. This was a young person, but many of his comments were about hating a certain young male singer with a hashtag. For those unfamiliar with the term, hashtags are used on Twitter to keep certain topics segregated so that they can be followed by anyone who wishes to participate in the process.

On a fluke, I decided to check out this hashtag to see how many other people were using it, and it turns out there were quite a few. And the comments were fairly mean, and I decided I wasn't following this person.

Anyone on Facebook who has ever checked out the groups knows that there are a lot of negative groups on there also. Many groups hate someone or something, and that's pretty bad if you ask me. I could never conceive of joining any group because it advocated hate against someone or something. For instance, many groups are created to protest Facebook changes. I can understand why people like some thing a certain way that they've gotten used to, because I don't like everything they do. But joining a group that says I hate it; just not my style.

I tend to believe that if you adopt a negative stance on something, even if it's for a good cause, that you have to bring yourself down a level instead of push yourself forward. I would join a group whose message said "support" something rather than any group whose message said "hate" something, even if that message was to hate racism, poverty, or something else. I'd rather "fight" or "help eliminate" than "hate".

Are my terms just semantic or do terms actually carry some meaning, no matter how subtle or subliminal, that need to be avoided as much as possible? What are your thoughts?