This is day 4 of my latest marketing venture. Tomorrow there will be a regular blog post and then next week I revert back to my normal blogging schedule here. If you’ve seen the first three posts you know what this is all about. If not, I share with you yesterday’s post, where I talked […]

Anybody can learn anything right? Actually, no. It’s not even close to the truth. For instance, as much as I’ve tried over the years I just can’t absorb anything much about cars. I like how some of them look and I love the colors. I sometimes like the interiors. But if it involves engines or […]

Yesterday I had lunch with a friend of mine who’s recovering from some health issues over the last couple of years. As we were talking and she was telling me some of her plans, I couldn’t help but remember, then pass on to her, things I’d advised her to do in the past that would […]

Many years ago when I was the director of patient accounting at a particular facility, I was having a general meeting with the entire billing staff. I was going along as usual in discussing the current state of our accounts receivable progress and issues when I noticed that many of the faces seemed distracted and […]

I’m a pretty consistent person. By that, I mean that I’m fairly stable in my demeanor and life as far as my emotions and actions go. I don’t get overly happy or upset on a regular basis. I go through my days pretty much the same with some ups here and downs there. When I […]

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