“You cannot hang out with negative people and expect to live a positive life.” – Joel Osteen Overall I’m a very positive person. Even though I basically go through life with my shields up so that I don’t lose my mind if I hear or see something that assaults my sensibilities, I’m lucky that it’s […]

Yesterday I had lunch with a friend of mine who’s recovering from some health issues over the last couple of years. As we were talking and she was telling me some of her plans, I couldn’t help but remember, then pass on to her, things I’d advised her to do in the past that would […]

You never know when someone will give you an accolade, and sometimes you don’t know why they’re giving it to you. In this case I know why, and I’m glad I did it. paul stumpr via Compfight My friend Steve Borek, a certified life and leadership coach, just wrote a blog post after hitting the […]

Most of the time there’s a very tenuous relationship between managers and their employees. You’ll see some managers being overly friendly and some barely being personable. I hate the extremes of almost anything, and I certainly don’t like it when leadership is concerned. However, I can easily understand why most managers feel they shouldn’t get […]

Advice is a strange thing. All of us will look at someone else, see that they might be messing up in some fashion, and immediately want to tell them what we believe they should be doing. Sometimes, they might not be doing anything wrong, just not doing it the way you’d do it, and you […]