I mainly live by three rules; loyalty, trustworthiness, and honesty. In pretty much that order, because I really believe they need to be ranked. They were loyal Loyalty is absolute, though a bit convoluted. If I’m loyal to you, I expect loyalty back. It doesn’t matter if we’re talking business or personal life. I have […]

When LeBron James decided some years ago that he was going to go back and play for the Cleveland Cavaliers, after some successful years in Miami, I had a strange reaction to it. Once I figured it out, I realized I was confused; that’s it. I wasn’t confused because he was going to a bad […]

Do you know what the right thing to do is? Are you sure? Do you always do the right thing? Are you sure? When I was young I used to always do the right thing; at least I thought I was doing so. I never cursed, never stole, never cheated and was nice to everyone. […]

I hate having to discuss politics because it’s always a dicey proposition. In this case I’m not really discussing politics; I’m discussing one of the political candidates who, in my opinion, did a terrible thing for the wrong reason and is happy to benefit from it. tharealMrGreen via Compfight On Sunday, Dr. Ben Carson was […]

Other than the Trayvon Martin tragedy, the big story this past week has been about potential employers trying to force applicants into giving up their Facebook passwords or friending them, if you will, so that they could go through a candidates page to see if they were worthy of working at their company. While I […]