We’re in a tough place these days as it pertains to health care. Depending on which side you’re on, it’s either the fault of the hospitals, doctors, insurance companies, states, or the federal government. I’d throw the legal system into the mix as well as banks, suppliers and pharmaceutical companies. I could add to the […]

I’ve had to catch up with what’s going on with this health care bill, and frankly, I’m at a crossroads with it. This is the worst part about politics; you never quite get what you want, and you’re stuck having to figure out which way to go because you hate parts of everything you’re supposed […]

On Tuesday night in Massachusetts the Democrats got a rude awakening for their arrogance in thinking that the election of another Democratic senator was a given and lost a seat in the Senate that they hadn’t been expecting to lose. That now means that they don’t have the numbers to automatically bank on getting a […]

The general public is now starting to hear about something that the healthcare community has been freaking out about for awhile now. We use the term “RAC Audits”; to the uninitiated, that stands for “recovery audit contractors”. Their basic purpose is to go into hospitals and other types of healthcare facilities and determine if Medicare […]