Medical billing and medical coding jobs and careers are easy to start, but hard to find work in. For medical billing, it’s hard to get started because physicians already have someone doing their billing for them. For medical coding, entities are often reluctant to bring on someone with no experience. For both, the training and […]

Every person who works with hospital bills know something about revenue codes. Many have at least a basic concept of what revenue codes are supposed to be; unfortunately that’s about as far as it goes. Scarier yet, some people have only heard the term. It would seem that it’s time someone addressed revenue codes in […]

For most people, seeing the term ICD-10 means nothing. For those in health care, though, this is a very big deal. Medical billing and coding personnel will be significantly affected, along with hospitals and physicians offices and pretty much every other medical entity you can think of. For people in the United States, it’s a […]