There’s something I say often that’s not quite true. Yup, you’re hearing it from me, the guy who says that truth and honesty is one of my top moral disciplines. In this case it’s not a bad thing though; in actuality, it’s a bit of a clarification of a position of mine. Todd R. Emmerson […]

Last week there was a post on a blog written by a guy named Dan McCarthy titled 5 Myths About Giving Praise. His main premise was that employers always feel they’re giving enough or too much praise to begin with, while employees consistently report on surveys that they don’t get enough recognition or praise. via […]

When I do my charge master reviews for hospitals, one of the areas that’s always of particular interest is supplies. Hospitals can literally have more than 5,000 supply items on their charge master; that’s hard for anyone to keep up with. Having items in their inventory control is one thing; having that many charges that […]

Back in November I wrote a post titled 4 Steps To Being A Better Leader. In actuality I probably should have used the term “concepts” instead of “steps” because those are really ideals that one holds a good leader has, but they’re not really steps are learning how to be a better leader. European Parliament […]

My book Embrace The Lead has been on the market for about 9 years now. I’ve made enough sales to have gotten my money back, but I wouldn’t be mad at having more sales. However, my belief is that the book has been out long enough to share my outline, if you will, of the […]