Most managers feel as though the weight of the world is on their shoulders. It’s understandable because management, though it can be fun, can also be stressful. Most of the time it’s stressful because managers feel as though they’re supposed to know all the answers, and that they have to exude strength by being all […]

Sometimes you end up working with someone whose personality makes you wonder if they ever have a good time. You never see them smile, you never hear them say anything that borders on nice, or they rarely look you in the eye. When you talk to them on the phone, it seems as though they […]

I remember talking to someone who is a supervisor at a local company. This person told me it was time to do employee evaluations, and that she was hesitant because she didn’t know how some people would react to their evaluations; obviously the bad ones. I asked her if she knew these people and she […]

If my dad was still alive, today would be his 80th birthday; his and his identical twin brother’s birthdays. It’s been a little over 8 years since he left this world, and I still think about him all the time. I often wonder how certain things he said have changed in my mind over the […]

Leadership is the skill of knowing how to let people find their own way to greatness but being there to help them when they need it. I can’t remember where I heard that but it’s been on my mind lately as I’ve been going through the process of helping my family get things done for […]