Keeping with my two minutes theme, I know I normally write about leadership here. This time I'm writing directly to employees, new employees in fact. These tips are good for any employee, but new employees really need to check this out because going into a new situation with the proper mindset could help things go better in one way or another; trust me on this one. Let's get right into it.

Three amigos
Ming Xia via Compfight

1. Smile. Smiling not only gets things going in the right direction, but it encourages others to greet you and help you.

2. Listen. Unless asked, no one is interested in knowing what you know if it's not related to the job; at least not yet.

3. Verify information. If you don't understand something your early days are the best time to ask and get it right. Pretending you know and having them find out weeks later you don't know will only make people mad.

4. Don't look weak. Take time to get the lay of the land, but don't appear to be weak or unsure of yourself. Unfortunately, someone will be looking to take advantage of you at the first sign of weakness.

5. Don't be aloof. When you're a new employee, if invited to lunch to go lunch; if invited to break go to break. You'll learn a lot more about your working environment by doing this initially. Later, if they irritate you, then do your own thing.

6. Be your own person. Don't like or hate someone based on what someone else says. Evaluate how people treat you and make your own decisions.

7. Put in all of your time. This should be consistent, but never look to be the first person out of the office, especially when you're new. It looks like you don't want to be there and that request can be easily granted.

8. Learn everything you can. Of course you need to learn everything you can to do the job but learn as much as you can about everything because you might need it elsewhere.

9. Dress properly. I know, you like your comfortable clothes and like to push limits but until you've established yourself, proper decorum is always the way to go. For that matter even later try to dress properly.

10. Do your best. If you don't think anyone will notice you're not pulling your weight you're kidding yourself. If everyone else has learned the job they expect you can too. If you can be better than them do it; those that do progress and succeed.