Over the last few weeks I've seen and heard some disturbing things.

The latest was the tale of a young woman who got home from picking up a pizza she'd ordered, looked at the receipt and saw that one of the people at the place has written about her "lady chinky eyes". What the heck was that all about? Of course the person got fired and Papa John's, the pizza joint, apologized and has tried to reach out to the young woman, who'd copied the receipt, put it online, then talked about it on Twitter, where it spread across the country like wildfire.

The other two examples were young women, two in one video and one by herself, deciding to try to be funny by making racist statements, the two about illegal aliens and the individual taking shots at black people, using bad language including the n-word.

Both ended up suffering consequences that it's hard to believe they didn't expect would come from doing it. Hate messages on their posts, death threats, and a release of all their personal information which included names, addresses and phone numbers. In both cases the videos were eventually removed and the channels shut down, and in the individual case it came after the young lady tried to apologize for trying to be funny. However, in both cases copies of the video were downloaded and uploaded elsewhere; the internet isn't that forgiving. And all personal information for all 3 young ladies is still out there, along with tens to hundreds of responses to their original videos.

One might want to take the view that these young ladies learned this type of behavior at home. I'm not going to go quite that far, but it's the type of thing that always makes me wonder what people are thinking about when they decide to do things like this. What could their thought pattern be? How could anyone who does these things have missed all the examples of people who have done this sort of thing before and how it ended up? Has everyone forgotten the Michael Richards example, who also said he was just trying to be funny later on? Do you think these ladies could have done with a little bit of diversity training?

Racism isn't funny; it never has been. Sure, there have been racist jokes throughout history, some even told now, and people will laugh. I tend to think there's a time and place for everything. Comedians often set things up before they go off with their tales, and because of that they can get away with it. They also usually go after themselves first, to show that there are no sacred cows. Some pull it off; others, well, we don't hear of them for long.

You know what's really scary? Both of the most recent videos had over a million views before they were pulled. This shows that in today's world stupidity can spread faster than you might think it would. There's nothing private anymore, and if this is what you think fun is even in private, you need to adjust our thoughts and beliefs and get a different life.

No, racism isn't funny. Threatening young women with death for being stupid isn't funny either. I say often around here that free speech comes with consequences, but there are times when the response is overboard as well. Calling out hate is expected; threatening to kill underaged girls is another.

Unfortunately, that's what racism does. It gets people riled and it's hard to put that genie back into the bottle. Just don't do it, whether you've prepared for the consequences or not.