I remember going to a sales training seminar years ago at a company called Sandler Training, located here in the Syracuse, NY area. The owner at the time, a great man named Pete Morrissey, allowed me to take free training classes because I went to high school with two of her daughters… and because he […]

Who doesn’t understand how Facebook works? In essence, it’s more a a true social sharing site where you can connect with friends and family and, if you’re lucky, do a little bit of business on there. While some people think it wastes a lot of their time, which is probably true, some like me feel […]

Am I getting more touchy lately? Maybe, maybe not. I’m going to tell a story, then add some follow up; you be the judge. A few years ago in a Ryze network devoted to coaching, a lady asked a question. Seems she’d only been coaching women and was starting to think about coaching men, and […]