This isn’t the post I was going to write until I happened to just notice that my last post was the 1,300th of this blog, which started in February 2005. Sure, I might be near my 1,700th post on my other blog in a shorter time, but this is the one that got it all […]

“Life is about success not perfection” – Alan Weiss A few years ago I wrote an article titled Is It Bad Reaching For Perfection where I talked about the reasons why going for perfection aren’t bad, but that it doesn’t take perfection for one to be successful. Leo Reynolds via Compfight Almost 6 years ago […]

This is something different for me… for this blog at least. For the 31 days of this month, I’m planning on having a blog post here. I’ve never done that with this blog; as a matter of fact, I think that only a few times in the almost 11 years I’ve been writing this blog […]

I don’t often find gems in older posts or articles but I came across an article that was written by someone I know and posted on Forbes. Her name is Adrienne Graham, and to prove that I know her, here’s the interview I did with her last year: Anyway, the article was titled […]

This is day two of my latest business marketing plan. The overall goal is to eventually have a number of products that I can market off all my online properties and for live seminars. The initial goal is to find out what the most requested thing I do, based on a variety of options, is […]

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