Last week the CEO of Mozilla, an open source software company that produces the Firefox browser along with many other products, resigned under pressure because of what’s now an unpopular stance he took back in 2008 in California when he supported Proposition 8, the ballot initiative that initially banned gay marriage in the state. He […]

Once again, my wife is out of town for a few days. This often means that I now have to work on keeping myself under control as far as what I eat. Lucky for me, I have learned how to eat better as it pertains to my weight. Unfortunately, I still have those cravings for […]

This past week has seen members of Congress come together once again i something that has more to do with someone’s personal life than anything they’ve done for or against the country. The clamor has come from almost everywhere in saying that Representative Andrew Weiner of New York should resign because of apparently nude or […]

If there’s anything I can’t stand hearing about, it’s stories about management level people who don’t know how to treat employees like adults. These are the types who ask employees to do something and then when they do it and find out that those above them don’t like it they act like the employees did […]

As I write this post today there’s talk that President Hosni Mubarek of Egypt might be stepping down as president of his country after 30 years because of the riots in that country. The odd thing about it is that no one is sure just who will take over next. It seems the military might […]