I’ve spent the overwhelming majority of almost 13 years of blogging about leadership telling people how being a good leader is the most beneficial thing one can to do succeed in business. I stand by that because it’s proven to be true more often than not; yet I can’t deny that sometimes a bad leader […]

I love the TV show X-Files, which means I’m one of the many people who was glued to the TV Sunday and Monday night for the short run of new shows after so many years. This is the only way I love conspiracy theories, through the eyes of Fox Mulder and his partner Dana Scully. […]

Once again, my wife is out of town for a few days. This often means that I now have to work on keeping myself under control as far as what I eat. Lucky for me, I have learned how to eat better as it pertains to my weight. Unfortunately, I still have those cravings for […]

There are many people that talk about leadership and management and feel that they’re the same thing. I tend not to be one of those people. Whereas I acknowledge that for someone to be truly great they need to have a good understanding of each of these and know how to use them, I also […]